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  About Dramatic Photographic

This website is photographed and maintained by Mike Thicke.  Read on to find out a little more about me and this website.

The Dramatic Photographic website is a virtual exhibition of my works. It started life as a simple photographic site for friends and family back home, but to my surprise was instantly popular with a much wider audience, even in its first few months, back in 1996.

Happy viewing!


Zhu Sha's and Michael's Personal Gallery

   A baby girl for Michael and Elizabeth Zhu Sha

Juliette on Camera   Juliette on Video
Zhu Sha's Gallery Elizabeth Zhu Sha's Personal Website   European holiday Our trip to Europe & China  in 2004

Eiffel Tower
Our Wedding Michael and Elizabeth Zhu Sha's wedding!   Michael's Adventures Friends, Family and happenings.

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