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My life is not mine anymore, I feel like it at least. It belongs to this little miracle girl came from me. I expected a  life transform like everyone else say. And yet this transform is more dramatic than I imagined.  Lifestyle is completely and forever changed. I can't  go to movie and I can't go travelling like I used to. But that's not the biggest change, the biggest is that  my heart has transformed to a mother's heart. Sometimes I just wonder how this little thing could make me love her so much in such a short period of time. What has she done? She gave me the most unforgettable pain at the birth, then she made me lack of sleep all the time. I couldn't eat one meal properly and had to carry her most of time. But yes I love her, more than anything else in this world. If the reason is because I was pregnant with her for 9 months and I gave birth to her, how about Mike. He only did some pleasant work at the very first step, but he loves her just as much. It is just  such a miracle! It really is!

1-2 month