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Australian Outback - Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks  


Gas Rig offshore at Darwin.<br>The sea off Darwin is a very ...
Darwin Gas Rig

Magnetic Termite Mounds, all facing North / South
Termite Mounds

Lone Magnetic Termite Mound,  Litchfield National Park
Termite Mound

Huge Termite Mound, Over 10 feet tall
Termite Mound

Stunning Billabong, Nourlangie rocks in the distance

Stunning Billabong II
Billabong, Nourlangie rocks

Yellow River before the storm
Yellow River

Jim Jim Falls,  Kakadu
Jim Jim Falls

Downstream, Jim Jim Falls,  Kakadu
Jim Jim Falls

White bird at a Rainy Billabong,  Kakadu
White bird

Man eating salt water crocodile prowling at Yellow Water lak...
Salt Water Crocodile

Stunning Billabong III

Wangi falls, Litchfield Park.  A beautiful, peaceful place f...
Wangi falls

Florence falls, Litchfield Park
Florence falls

Florence falls 2, Litchfield Park
Florence falls

A peaceful stream, Litchfield Park
Litchfield Park

Aboriginal Rock Art 1
Aboriginal Rock Art

Aboriginal Rock Art 2
Aboriginal Rock Art

Aboriginal Rock Art 3
Aboriginal Rock Art



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