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Pictures of the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia  


Clear Day at Grose valley, The Blue Mountains
Grose valley

Autumn arrives at Bells line of road, Mt Wilson
Autumn, Bells Line of Road

Cottage at Wombian Caves
Wombian Caves Cottage

The Face in the Blue Mountains
The Face

Tiny Waterfall, Blue Mountains

Jenolan Caves formation 1 - Cerberous Cave
Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves formation 2 - Cerberous Cave
Jenolan Caves

Jamieson Valley, Blue Mountains
Jamieson Valley

Grose valley on a rare clear day
Grose Valley

Grose valley 2
Grose Valley

Grose valley stream
Grose Valley Stream

Grose valley 3
Grose Valley

Pretty hanging flower, Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Flower

Polarised Tree on cliff Grose Valley
Polarised Tree

Autumn at Bells line of Road near Mt Wilson
Autumn, Bells Line of Road

<p>Magical Mushroom</p>Looking like it should be a picture a...
Magical Mushroom

Autumn trees at Bells line of road Mt Wilson
Autumn, Bells Line of Road

Autumn Leaves
Autumn, Bells Line of Road

Slightly chewed mushroom - Bells line of road, Mt Wilson

Ecumenical church at the top of Chapel Hill, just off Bells ...
Chapel Hill

Persimmon tree seen from the Church on Chapel Hill
Pomegranate tree

The Jenolan Caves Lake. The high mineral content makes a stu...
Jenolan Caves Lake

The Jenolan Caves House
Jenolan Caves House

Jenolan Caves Veil formation - River Cave
Jenolan Caves



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