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Dramatic pictures of Australia, America & Europe

Pictures of Australia - Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Melbourne and Canberra.
Australian Icons - Uluru, Olgas, Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef, Koala Bears and Kangaroos.
Pictures of America - New York, San Francisco, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

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*NEW 2011* Pictures of Australia

Pictures of America

Wildlife Pictures

Pictures of Europe

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About Australia

Australia consists of 6 states:  New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia and 2 territories: ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and the Northern Territory.

Australia's greatest city is debatably Sydney, New South Wales.  It is located approximately two thirds of the way down the Eastern coast.  Sydney is the tourist and finance capital of Australia, and also its most populated city with around 4 million people.

Melbourne, Victoria, is steeped in history and is quite possibly Australia's cultural centre.  However, for tourists, it doesn't offer the immediate 'Wow' factor of Sydney Harbour.

Canberra, situated near the centre of NSW, was purpose built to be the Federal capital of Australia and house the Federal Government ministers. 

Photography Resources

The Panoramic and HDR images on this site were generated with PTGui, a fantastic stitcher with regular updates.
DramaticPhotographic uses Adobe Lightroom to catalogue and organise our images - a huge step up from simple folders and thumbnails.
For image sharpening, we use FocalBlade, a highly customisable sharpening tool.

For noise removal, our favourite tool are Lightroom and Noiseware, another highly customisable utility - Better than Neat Image? Its a close call.




For the best camera reviews on the web, DPReview is unbeatable.

Stunning 'natural light' effects on landscape photography - fatali Stunning images from around   the world.
The Time Catcher - another great landscape gallery, focussing on Europe and America. What an image.
Finally, a personal favourite, Joseph Holmes - simply stunning.

Please see our Links page for additional photography sites.


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